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Coached Training Plans

Our coached training plans are as unique as you, tailored to your goals and to fit your available time to train. 

During an initial telephone call we will discuss your previous experience, your goals and the time you have to train. You will develop a good understanding as to what a typical training week will look like and have the opportunity to ask any questions. By the end of the call we will both know if there is a great match and whether to progress to the next stage. 

The next stage is to meet in person (or over a video call).  During this meeting we discuss in detail your strengths and development needs, the facilities you have access to, your current equipment and possible future purchases.  Your goals/events will be discussed in greater detail and a high level picture of your training journey described. Upon agreement a proposal will be issued and your journey will begin. 

Service Features

  • TrainingPeaks Premium account.​​

  • Individual customised training plan.​

  • Weekly session planning with daily adjustments when needed.​

  • Comprehensive & clear session descriptions.​

  • Power & heart rate based training.​

  • Field tests to set training zones.​

  • Data analysis & feedback.​

  • General nutritional guidance.​

  • Event selection, planning & strategy.​

  • Event specific nutritional guidance.​

  • Coach feedback on all key sessions.​

  • Weekly catch-up via messaging app / call.​

  • Monthly face to face review & planning session (video meeting where appropriate) .

Service Benefits

  • Increased motivation & accountability.

  • Maximise your time training, not planning & reviewing.

  • Access to expert knowledge, experience and support.

  • Use of proven best practices.

  • Clear & objective training path to achieve your goals.

  • Focus on the areas that make a difference.

  • Objective view on strengths & development opportunities.

  • Reduced risk of injury & overtraining.

To start your journey today with a no obligation discussion. 

Coached Training Plans

Skills Development


Training for an event is just one element of your journey.  To be your best you need to be a master at what you do.  Mastering your activity leads to efficiency and effectiveness, where neither time nor energy is wasted.

We create personalised workshops for individuals and groups that focus on your development needs, providing practical experience, feedback, demonstrations and time to practice and improve. 

Example workshops

  • Triathlon transition skills (e.g. flying mount / dismounts).

  • Introduction to open water swimming (wetsuit familiarisation, relaxation, confidence building).

  • Advanced open water swimming (swimming in a pack, sighting, drafting).

  • Cycling skills (e.g. cornering, climbing, descending) 

  • Running form analysis and technique improvement.

To enquire about the above workshops or to discuss your specific need please contact us. 

Skills Development


We focus on what we do well and basic nutritional advice for training and events is included in our coaching service. 

For our athletes who desire or need an in depth analysis of what they consume, daily energy requirements, fuelling for training or a specific event, we work with Rachel White, who is a registered dietitian and an expert in her field. 

If your requirement is for nutritional advice only, please feel free to contact Rachel directly.


Athlete Support Services


If you are self coached and looking for help to fine tune the last few weeks of training.  Looking to enter an event and not sure how to select one that plays to your strengths, please get in touch to discus your needs. 

Athlete Support Services

  • Training plan review - will your plan get you to the start line.

  • Event selection - playing to your strengths.

  • Event profiling - understanding the specific challenges of an event and how to train for them.

  • Travel logistics - medical requirements, bike transportation, dealing with jet lag and climate change.

  • Tapering for an event - how to arrive at your event in peak form.

Athlete support services

Coaching Services

As a qualified British Triathlon, England Athletics and British Cycling coach, this service can be as a one-off service or for regular bookings, for club sessions or on an individual / group basis. 

Examples of Coaching Services

  • Hire a coach.

  • Leading club / group / 1-2-1 sessions.

  • Swim, bike, run sessions.

  • Creation of engaging and motivational sessions for your needs.

  • Team talks and presentations.

Coaching servces

Team Building

If you have a team, whether that be within a corporate setting, a club or a group of friends and looking to take on a physical challenge, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Team Building Ideas

  • Assisting with event selection.​​

  • Creating team training plans.​

  • Developing team training days / camps.​

  • Delivering team building sessions.​

  • Supporting charity fund raising. 

Taking on a team challenge is a great way to develop a strong and effective team that builds lasting relationships, supports and motivates each other and creates shared memories.

Team building
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