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Attacking the hills

Cracking ride today with a buddy. Three hours planned, three hours completed and it stayed dry. The wind however had not died down, thankfully the route meant a cross wind for most of the ride.

Horley is a great location for cycling with the North Downs so close. Today’s route had a few hills, to be precise 10! So much for an easy ride. I took it slightly easy to start with, to see how the knee responded, but soon I was giving my all. So long as the knee is ok in the morning it’s looking good to start pushing on again with the bike training.

I do a lot of solo training, which is where a coach really helps as they provide motivation to do it. Today reminded me how good it is to ride with someone, as you push each other on. Today would not have been as hard a ride (or as enjoyable) if I’d gone out on my own. Mixing up the training to keep it fresh.

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