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Buses, puddles and wind

Today was a repeat of Monday, 40 mins relaxed run testing the knee. All OK to start and then soreness for 20 mins, thankfully it receded for the second half. So no real improvement but no regression and I've had two good swims and 3 hour bike ride in between, so it's holding up. Feeling positive, just need to remain patient.

Today was about the wind and puddles. Thankfully I wore my rain jacket as 15mins into the session the 424 bus crept up on me, just as I ran passed a big puddle. Before I knew it I was wearing the puddle. Thank you!!

Usually wind only affects the bike but the strength of it today made flat ground feel like a hill. I backed off the pace so not to stress the knee and picked it up again when the head wind changed to a tail wind. Back for a shower and a change into dry clothes before hitting the gym for an upper body workout and then an ice pack on the knee during lunch.

Although not great weather for a run it's good mental and physical training, as you never know what the weather will be on race day. Train in all weathers to be best prepared.

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