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Swimming the Serpentine?

Swim Serpentine - September 2020

Thinking of taking on the challenge of either the half, one, two or six miles options, whether it’s your first experience of open water swimming or you’re an experienced swimmer, then join us for training tips, group lake swims, friendly support from like minded people and advice on equipment.

Don't forget to register your interest for 2020 or you may miss out.

We’ll be posting regular updates once entries have opened on our Facebook page, so give us a like to stay informed.

New to open water swimming (OWS)

It can be daunting and you are not alone. Even experienced pool swimmers can find the thought of open water swimming stressful. It’s quite normal, so breathe and relax and think about the sun sparkling on the water’s surface as you safely swim in the open air. It’s exhilarating.

You’ll love your wet suit, once you’ve mastered the art of getting the thing on! Not only does it provide a feeling of security, a barrier between you and nature, it also acts as a buoyancy aid. It’s almost impossible to sink and most people find they just float. It really is your best friend and can help correct poor swimming form making swimming feel less strenuous.

Of course, the main reason for wearing a wet suit is for warmth. The thicker the wet suit, the warmer it will be, but the more cumbersome it will feel. As a general guide a suit between 3mm and 5mm thick is ideal for summer month swimming in the UK. Having a suit that fits you well is important. It should be tight, not be baggy (anywhere), but not so tight that it restricts your movement or breathing. More details on wet suit selection and whether to buy or rent and where from will be posted in the new year.

Where we swim

Throughout the summer months we’ll be regularly meeting during evening weekdays and at the weekends and swimming in the clear waters at Divers Cove, near Godstone, Surrey. It’s a great lake where the larger loop (c. 600m) follows the edge of the lake, so you are never more than a few feet away from the bank. After your swim why not stay for a chat, share your experiences and of course eat cake with a hot drink.

Is this the one you have been dreading. You’ve ticked off the London Marathon and RideLondon-Surrey 100 and now there’s an open water swim to complete. Is this all that stands in your way to receiving your Classics medal? Then fear not, open water swimming is amazing and you’re going to wonder why you’ve never done it before. Join our group for friendly support on your journey to the Serpentine and start with confidence and end with a smile.

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