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Where will your journey take you?

In June 2012 we completed our first triathlon at Blenheim Palace, a great place for our first event, with closed roads, great views and so much support.

We'd signed the previous year after a conversation with a friend who mentioned he was doing it in 2011. Neither of us really had any idea as to what was involved and as it turned out neither did our friend. At a subsequent party it turned out he’d entered as part of a relay team and had only ridden in the bike leg. We’d been duped, in the nicest way.

We used the event to invest in new bikes, we spent around £500 each, a road bike and a hybrid, but second-hand bikes would have been just as good. We also purchased wetsuits at around £150 each (second-hand wetsuits are now widely available). If you are only considering completing one event there are several companies that will hire you all you need for a season at a reasonable price.

Little did we know that over the following seven years we’d complete a further 26 events from Sprint distance (1.5km swim, 20km bike, 5km run) to Long course (3.9km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km Run). From local events through to European and World Age Group Championships.

It’s been an incredible journey. We’ve swam in lakes, rivers and seas. Ridden through forests, up and down hills and along dykes and run in some amazing countryside and countries. Every event is different and then there’s the unpredictability of the weather! We’ve met so many great people through Triathlon, had many laughs and a few tears, mainly through elation and pride.

Where will your journey take you? Only time will tell and taking the first step will be the hardest. If you’d like to find out more about Triathlon and how to start, please get in touch for some friendly advice.

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