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Who let the cows out!

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Today dawned misty and cool, just perfect for a 60 minute easy run. The mist hid the airplanes on their final approach to Gatwick and as one dropped below the low clouds directly above me, my eyes were suddenly attracted to a more mysterious site that stopped me in my tracks.

A cow, standing at the side of the pavement. The gate looked pretty broken, but I could not just leave it there. So 62kg me took on 600kg cow and I won!! Turned out the cow just backed up into the field as I approached and once back inside I mended and shut the gate. Job done and on with the run, the remainder being less eventful.

Although I count myself fortunate, with no money, family or health worries, I've had a lot on my mind this week and for the rest of the run it reminded me how in awe I am of fellow triathletes, who fit training in with full-time jobs and family time to manage. But not just finding the time, finding the motivation to train when all you want to do is sit and chill. This week has felt a bit like that to me. Without my coach having planned the the sessions for the week and the knowledge that she'd be checking on progress, it meant that I stayed on track. Just one of the advantages of having a coach. Nothing like a bit of external motivation. I'm pretty sure I'd have missed one or two this week, or set myself less challenging sessions. Just one 4 hour bike to do tomorrow and that's another successful week completed. #Eurochamps #AGTeamGB

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Aug 26, 2019

just wanted to say what a cutie that is :-)

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